About Us

About Us

MP Farming has an unmatched knowledge in the Agriculture and Commercial land parcels across Madhya Pradesh and neighboring states (Chhattisgarh, Maharashtra, Rajasthan and Uttar Pradesh). Core team members come from combined 50+ years of experience in agricultural field. Many of them grew up on a farm or managed their own farmlands. Local real estate market knowledge combined with high level of integrity and passion to make a difference for clients, you will not find a comparable team to work with!

We have a proven track record in consolidating and sale of over 150,000 acres of quality farm land in Madhya Pradesh and neighboring states (Chhattisgarh, Maharashtra, Rajasthan and Uttar Pradesh). These investments, for investors, have generated excellent returns.

What People Are Saying About Us


Mr. Baldev S. (A Large Farmer from Punjab)

I simply cannot say enough about how positive my experience was with the MP Farming team! They are extremely knowledgeable and also patiently helped us navigate agricultural land market in Madhya Pradesh, which was unfamiliar terrain for me. Being a farmer myself, who has bought several land parcels in Punjab, I must say that they were the most honest and professional agricultural land brokers I have met during the last 20 years, and they have a strong execution team on the ground, and that’s what won me over! That’s the reason I have used their services a couple of times for my family for buying land in M.P. in Guna and Katni districts and also recommended them to several of my friends, who have had similar wonderful experience buying land in Jabalpur and Chhindwara. MP Farming truly has been great partners for me and my friends.

Mr. Sudhir T. (An NRI based out of New York, US)

MP farming team made buying farm land truly a great experience for my family. I am living in the US and so I could not be there to manage the process as well as I would have liked to. The team always made us feel like I was their top priority was quick to respond to emails and phone calls. They were very knowledgeable and easy to talk to. Based on my experience, I strongly felt that they have a genuine interest in serving the clients professionally and not in just making a quick sale. They were upfront in disclosing the pros and the potential cons of different options. They expertly navigated me and my family through every step enabling us to find exactly what I was looking for. Being an NRI, they guided me throughout the process, and ensured we complied with all the requirements during registration for land we bought in Rewa in M.P. The MP Farming team really rocks!

Mr. Balachandran S. (A CEO based in Mumbai)

I always felt at ease with the wonderful MP Farming folks, who went out of their way to assist my wife and me throughout the entire buying process and never made us feel pressured to make a decision. This was incredibly important to me as I was a first-time agricultural land buyer and very unsure of what to do. They understand the agricultural market in Madhya Pradesh very well and helped us secure the right land. They clearly brought a wealth of practical knowledge and strong execution capabilities. They always had our best interest in mind, and once they found the land we wanted in Guna in Madhya Pradesh, they worked tirelessly and made sure we got the deal. We love the agricultural land for its soil quality, water level and access to highway…no one else could have gotten us such a great piece of land at a fantastic price. All I can say, THANK YOU, MP Farming team.

Mr. Iqbal K. (An MNC VP from Gurgaon)

My wife and I bought commercial land with the MP Farming and the service was just awesome. Their energy, attention and thoroughness far exceeded expectations we had from the team. There was no pressure…they were willing to spend all the time needed to find the perfect land. We bought the land near Gwalior on NH-3 and the team seemed to know exactly how to deal with the villagers, negotiate and get what we wanted at a fair price. Later, one of my colleagues used their services to buy an agricultural land in Bilaspur (in Chhattisgarh), and the experience was equally amazing, just like the previous time. They managed to get a great piece of fertile land at an excellent price for our friends too. I can’t see why one would use anyone else for agricultural and commercial land requirements in Central India.

Mr. Vikram B. (An Investor from Delhi)

The MP Farming team was exceptional in the service they provided during buying of our farm land. We were first time agricultural land buyers in MP and were afraid that they we will be cheated. With the MP Farming team, it felt from day one that we were with friends, who will be very fair in dealing. What we liked most about them was their knowledge, honesty & responsiveness. They never pushed me and my partners on any of the properties that we visited with them, but always provided a very balanced opinion when solicited. We admit that honesty, attention to details and taking care of client’s interests are absolutely rare things in today’s agricultural real estate market. We found that MP Farming team provide excellent customer service, and that’s why we highly recommend their services to anyone who is looking to buy agricultural land in MP.

Mr. Naveen J. (A Large Farmer from Haryana)

If I could give more than 5 stars to MP Farming team, I would. MP Farming team is truly a fantastic one to deal with. The enthusiasm and patience of MP Farming team from day one was amazing. They were always punctual and very reliable. What I felt most impressed by was their attention to us and our needs. I have dealt with a lot of agents, so I can speak from our experience in saying that I have been very thrilled with using their services, and that’s why I have had couple of transactions completed with them. Oftentimes when some agent is vying for your business they dance around you but once you get on board with them they look for every opportunity to cheat you. I never once felt this way with MP Farming team, who has always acted in our interests in every deal, and that’s why they are our dream agricultural real estate agents