Why MP?

Why MP?

0. Top - MP AdvantageAgricultural and commercial lands (farm lands) in MP (Madhya Pradesh) and certain areas in the neighboring states remain undervalued due to lack of development. With requisite infrastructure development and improving accessibility, pricing should catch-up with the national averages. We currently have good quality farm land available with pricing starting at Rs 1.5 lakh per acre, an attractive price in our view, going by the demand and appreciation expected for these farm lands.


A. Commercially Lucrative to Invest in MPA. Commercial1

  • Once the ongoing infrastructure investments in roadways (four-lane highway) and railways (broad gauge expansion) are completed, the lands in MP and neighboring states could appreciate two to three times from current levels (which are at least four times from 2006 levels).
  • Farm land income is non-taxable, therefore we believe that investors and would be farmers will lead the expansion of farm land development in India over the next decade. Therefore, we believe early entrants such as our farms lands will outperform most other investments over the next decade.
  • New land supply is reducing year by year as the new farm owners across India have bought farm lands here for the long term. Farm lands are moving from weaker hands to stronger hands with deep pockets.

B. Unlimited Potential in Agriculture (Food grains, Pulses, Fruits and Vegetables)B. horticulture2


  • Madhya Pradesh is endowed with rich climatic conditions, and soil conditions. Agro-climatic diversity and topographical variations enable the state to grow a wide range of cereals, pulses, oilseeds and cash crops, besides being home to myriad varieties of tropical fruits, vegetables and plant species.
  • Significant progress and development in agriculture have taken place in MP in the last couple of decades. From a sluggish growth rate of 1.5-2% in the eighties, the sector has made rapid strides growing at the rate of 8-9%, faster than the all India average of 3.1%. MP occupies first position in the country in pulse and oil seeds production. In food grain production, it is only next to U.P. and Punjab.. Madhya Pradesh also leads in the production of chili, gram, linseed, green pea, garlic, sunflower and coriander.

C. Labor Competitiveness: Abundance of Cheap & Skilled Labor         C. labor1

  • MP’s agricultural labor force is well recognized for its diligence and skills. As compared to many other states in the country, cost of labor in MP state is very competitive.
  • The farmers of the state are highly adaptive towards undertaking the cultivation of new crops, which hold promise of economic returns. 

D. Location Advantage: Very Heart of India                D. Location MP

  • Madhya Pradesh’s central location offers logistical advantages.
  • MP is well connected by air, rail and roads. All important road and rail routes connecting north-south and east-west necessarily pass through the state owing to its central location.

E. Supportive Government: Ease of Doing Business in MP

  • E. Ease of Doing Business1Currently, MP allows non-domicile and non-farmers to acquire agricultural lands within the ceiling limits, which are higher compared to other states. Buyers are mainly from Delhi NCR, Haryana, Punjab and Maharashtra.
  • Upwards of 90% land records are digitized with the remaining work-in-process.
  • From 1st July, 2015, Madhya Pradesh Government has started e-registration of the property (‘SAMPADA’), which is a comprehensive computerization project for registration and E-stamping of documents.


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